Trading Platform


Our Expert Advisor is one of the best for the MT4 platform.

Our Expert Advisor, known as the "KP Prime" is a multi-currency Trading Robot that operates based on symbols and M1,M5 timeframe.

"KP Prime" Trading Robot is a product resulting from years of successful manual trading and months of professional programming.

KP Prime performs using a special algorithm to trade consistently on a 5 minute time frame using any currency pair based on the unique set of indicators that can detect the perfect trend opportunities, price momentum, and pure tick data.

EA only trades if the market is in the most ideal condition in order to optimize the profits from the moves that follow. Thus, EA will not trade if the market happens to not look profitable , and might even stop trading for that particular day if condition does not improve. Averagely speaking, it will usually trade in every four out of five days.

Expert Advisor practices low-risk trading strategies, unlike Martingale. EA works with Stop-loss, calculating the price difference with Pivot Point, utilisizes the Neutral Network Technology and calculates through the last price on every minute instead of every tick.

This can guarantee a decision that you do not have to worry about backtest results.

Our Trading Robot were tested for the past 5 years dating back to 2012 and it bears a successful result.

What are the features of "KP Prime" Trading Robot?

  • 1The computer works automatically to set its order according to the selected priorities; while closing or opening a position, to ensure a quicker response to price and trend changes more effectively.
  • 2The computer is able to operate with full rationality without involving any emotional inteference due to the natural human nature. It can buy and sell at the most ideal timing based on its calculation and inteligence.
  • 3The computer monitors the market continuously. It enters and quits the market on its own at the right pace. It requires no manual or human involvement so that you can always choose to prioritise your work or personal routine.
  • 4To avoid excessive loss and to have a perfect risk and position control, prevent from trading excessively, without involving any emotional factors to ensure no greed or fear is taken into account. The profitability of the trading activity depends entirely on your trading strategy.
  • 5The recorded monthly growth of EA is estimated between 3% to 7%. It depends on the risk that is fixed by the Expert Advisor. Adjustments can be made on the risk level in order to accomplish the desired outcome.
  • 6It runs throughout the day and night during the period of high and low volatility before seizing the perfect opportunities to trade on the currency pair.
  • 7There are chances of occasional small losses with small drawdowns.
  • 8However, it has a great recovery rate.
  • 9It contains a fully customizable settings that varies from low to high risk settings, different trailing stop loss levels as well as several other useful measurements.

The EA is our pride and we are more than proud to say that it brings profit to our customers on Forex, legal currencies (EUR/USD, AUD/USD, etc.) as well as cryptocurrencies (BTC/USD, LTC/USD, ETH/USD, etc.)