Money Manager


KP International Group Australia PTY LTD Money Manager program combines market leading pricing with flexible MAM/PAMM allocations and the ability to fully customize trading conditions for your clients. Our True ECN offering with tight spreads and deep liquidity ensures money managers are able to get filled on large volumes at the prices they request. This means MAM/PAMM’s are able to produce greater returns and give money manager’s greater control over their fee mark-ups, maximizing the returns for all parties.

Customizable trading conditions

Money Managers have the ability to customize all of the trading conditions in their MAM/PAMM. This includes spread and commission mark-ups, performance fees, leverage, margin call/stop out levels and account currency. Our market leading spreads and low commissions allow money managers to maintain greater margins between our wholesale rate and their mark-up. Alternatively, minimal or no mark-up can also happen, with emphasizes placed on performance fees and maximum profitability of the MAM/PAMM.

Automatic calculation of commissions and performance fees

Commissions from mark-ups are credited to a live trading account in real time. These can be withdrawn at any time, just like a normal trading account. Performance fees can be calculated at any time through MAM Manager which all money managers are given access to. Performance fees are calculated and debited from clients trading accounts in accordance with the limited power of attorney, usually on a monthly basis.

Add and/or remove funds without affecting trading activity

Funds can be moved into or out of a MAM/PAMM at any time without affecting trading activity. We understand that some withdrawals and deposits may affect open trade allocations, especially when there is open trade drawdown. We are more than happy to work with money managers in these instances in order to find the most equitable solutions for all parties, including; withdrawal restrictions whilst trades are opened, realizing profit and loss on a per account basis and so on.

Large Product Range

MAM/PAMM accounts have access to our full site of trading products including; 60 currencies and metals, 17 Index and commodity CFDs and 3 Futures CFDs.

Money Manager Features
  • Customizable trading conditions including spreads, commissions, performance fees, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of commissions and performance fees with easy withdrawal options
  • Ability to add and/or remove funds without affecting trading activity
  • Large product Range
  • Professional reporting analytics displayed to you and your clients
  • Solutions for EA and manual traders
Money Manager Benefits
  • Charge clients based on your preferences and investment philosophy
  • Flexibility with withdrawing commissions to improve your cash flow
  • Keep investors happy by allowing them to deposit and withdraw as they desired
  • Get access to more opportunities to more markets with our large product range
  • Greater transparency between KP International Group Australia PTY LTD, Money Manager and Investors