Privacy Statement

KP International Group is fully focused on making sure that the customer privacy and financial info is kept under wraps. We believe that it’s very important to acquire all the necessary information to successfully complete the payment. But your information will not be shared with anyone without your consent. We never sell your personal information. The information we keep is the one we receive from the applications and forms. At the same time, we also acquire information during transactions, to ensure that all transactions are successfully completed and without any issues. However, we don’t disclose any of the non public information unless that’s required by the law. We may share the information with affiliates, so they know the source of their payments, but even so, you will be notified by that when you place the order if that’s the case. The info may be needed when we provide info to the support service companies or when we pay taxes to the ATO, depending on the situation. Moreover, KP International Group Australia PTY LTD will restrict access to any information that may not be public. Our employees may have to process your personal information in order to offer you improved products and services in the long term. Keep in mind that restrict access to any of the non public information and we always maintain procedural, electronic and even physical safeguards to ensure that the nonpublic personal info is protected. We want to make sure that your safety is integral to the entire process, and the results will be astonishing in the end!